After Mariëlle Renssen and her two travel partners brought the MapStudio title Our Top 4×4 Trips to keen 4×4 adventurers, they have since explored even more of Southern Africa to bring you More Back-Road 4×4 Trips.

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More Back-Road 4x4 Trips Review

Above: More Back-Road 4×4 Trips

More Back-Road 4×4 Trips offers real-life route experiences of 10 new trips. These journeys include southern-central Mozambique, west-central Lesotho and greater South Africa, where every road, route and trip has been personally traveled by the authors.

The accommodation recommended comes from being tried and tested while traveling the various routes. When reading this guide you can look forward to frank, honest opinions delivered in a down to earth fashion.

The whole appeal of a 4×4 adventure is to discover and enjoy nature. This guide offers those planning a self-drive getaway a nudge in the right direction to better help choose roads to travel on, and ones to avoid. The 160-page softcover also incorporates what the authors enjoyed along the way, their good decisions and their bad.

Enjoy day-by-day details of various self-drive 4×4 trips which are well illustrated with maps, GPS checkpoints and great color images of various locations. This nifty guide also includes flower, tree and bird lists, as well as information on geology, historical and cultural aspects of the area. A helpful packing list and useful border information is also included to ensure you’re fully prepared for your adventure ahead.

More Back-Road 4×4 Trips shows you that you can tackle testing 4×4 trails and still settle down to comfort at the end of the day. With hot showers, flushing toilets and a fridge for those cold beers, there’s no reason to plan an uncomfortable self-drive adventure.

If you’re thinking about going on an enjoyable 4×4 self-drive getaway, but don’t know where to start, then getting More Back-Road 4×4 Trips is your first step.

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