In Mpumalanga, adventure calls. What better way to bring out your adventure craving side, than taking an unforgettable hike, and experience a closeness to nature only present in the wild lands of Mpumalanga.

Known for its diverse and unique flora and fauna, as well as breathtaking and spectacular mountainous landscapes, natural water features, and inviting forest lands, Mpumalanga has some of the best-known hiking trails in South Africa.

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Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail


Experience the beauty of the third largest canyon in the world, by taking a hike in the 60 kilometers long Blyderivierspoort trail.

The Blyde River Canyon, gives this trails its unique beauty, and apart from spectacular views, diverse vegetation and varying rock formation features, hikers are able to encounter diverse wildlife such as baboons and duikers.

This trail starts at God’s Window and ends at Bourke’s Luck. A hike will take you 3 to 5 days depending on if you can hike the whole length.

Fanie Botha Hiking Trail

For bird lovers, hiking on the Fanie Botha trail is sure to be one of the most unforgettable hiking experience.


While the unique and lush Komatiland forest vegetation leaves hikers awestruck, the beautiful terrain and water features are sure to catch the attention of both new and seasoned hikers.

The 70 meters high Mac Mac and Lone Creek Falls, known for their scenic beauty set Fanie Botha trail apart, and give it a unique and beautiful natural character. Considered national monuments, these two waterfalls give hikers a lifetime experience.

You will need 5 days to successfully complete the 75 kilometers long Fanie Botha hiking trail, however, you can choose to go as far as you can for 2 to 3 days.

Queen Rose

Providing one of the best up and down hiking experiences, the Queen Rose trail terrain is naturally designed to provide spectacular landscape views and interaction with flora and fauna.


Located in Barberton, inside the Nelshoogte nature reserve, the Queen Rose trail is one where hikers get to enjoy the beauty of the Montrose and Queens rivers, which define the two sections of the trail.

Hike downhill through the 13 kilometers long Montrose section, starting at the Nelshoogte nature reserve, and descending to catch a glimpse of Alvin falls, and finish this trail walking along the banks of the Montrose river and lush open grassland.

Take the 8 kilometers uphill climb in the Queens River section, and enjoy the air and views of an array of indigenous vegetation and riverine forest vegetation, in the valley down below. Water pools and a suspension bridge make hiking in this section enchanting.

The Queen Rose hiking trail takes 3 days to complete. To get there you’ll need a reliable vehicle, you’ll be glad to know that car hire South Africa is cheap and easy.

Ama Poot Poot

Located on a private game farm, the Ama Poot Poot hiking trail starts at Uitvulgt Ponds and ends at the Groot Poot farm house. With its two 19 kilometers long circular trails, Ama Poot Poot is the best pick if you plan to fish as you hike.


Apart from a trout fishing experience, the trials terrain gives hikers a memorable experience with its waterfalls, water crossings, and unique mountain features.

The Ribbok route is 13 kilometers long and takes hikers down the river, up a hill and down to a waterfall where they can enjoy the pool down below before going up again. The Trout route will give hikers a memorable water and trout fishing experience.

Escarpment Trail


Visit the second highest waterfall in Mpumalanga, and experience beautiful natural vegetation and rock formation sceneries, by hiking the Escarpment trail.

Escarpment trail is 17 kilometers long and is located in a nature and game reserve, giving hikers the unique experience of having a glimpse of diverse wildlife, as they meander through gorges, sandstone rock formations, and aloe gardens.

It takes hikers 3 to 5 days to successfully complete this trail.

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