This week we meet Harry Juries in this quick interview. Harry is one of our September winners and has won a copy of MapStudio’s Mozambique Map. Happy road tripping!

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Interview with Harry Juries

Drive South Africa: Tell us a joke, any joke.

Harry: Father: How did you fail the final exam?

Son: Under water

Father: What do you mean?

So: All below ‘C’ level

Drive South Africa: If you had to go on a road trip and needed to fit your whole family (and their luggage) into one vehicle, what type of vehicle would you need?

Harry: VW Caravelle

Drive South Africa: When you’re on holiday, what is the one thing you wouldn’t want to leave at home?

Harry: GPS

Drive South Africa: What’s your favourite road trip song?

Harry: The end of the road – Boyz II Men

Drive South Africa: What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

Harry: Been too alot of places, but sorry to say, I live in the most beautiful place of all, Cape Town.

Drive South Africa: GPS or map?

Harry: GPS

Drive South Africa: Camping or glamping?

Harry: Camping

Drive South Africa: On a road trip, do you prefer driving or being a passenger?

Harry: Driver

Drive South Africa: A holiday at the beach or a holiday at the river?

Harry: Beach

Drive South Africa: If there was a donkey in the road in front of you, what would you do?

Harry: Hoot and shout eeyore, eeyore, eeyore!

Drive South Africa: How long does it take you to pitch a tent?

Harry: 30 – 45 Minutes