Whether you are new to 4×4 or an experienced driver, you do not want to miss the Gauteng 4×4 challenge where you can test your 4×4 skills and drive with other 4×4 enthusiasts. The event lasts for four days and each day you will drive different tracks which are Bass Lake, Heidelberg, DeWildt and Hennop track. The challenge takes place from Friday 18th to Monday 21st of March and the 4×4 are divided in groups with 5 cars. After the drive you will have the opportunity to try snorkeling, Braai, and other social activities with the groups. The 4×4 challenge is organised by 4×4 Prestige which also offer other 4×4 opportunities like the Limpopo challenge in June and the Mpumalanga challenge in August.

For further details about the challenge, accomodation and prices visit prestige4x4.co.za

4x4 Prestige
Date: 18th – 21st of March 2011
Location: Bass Lake, Heidelberg, DeWildt and Hennop.
Price: Visit 4×4 prestige to see the various price ranges.

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