South African road trip ideas not too far from your hometown

Nothing soothes the soul quite like a good old fashioned road trip. With so much to explore in South Africa there really is no reason not to get out there on the road. Get some friends and family together and hit the routes and highways of this majestic country. We asked these four travel and media experts to give us a little insight into their favourite destinations to road trip to within close proximity to their respective hometowns.

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Jenna Kelly – Durban

Head of Social and Copywriter at Conversation LAB



About a 50 minute drive from Durban, past kilometres of south coastal bliss and into a tropical paradise, you’ll find Mantis and Moon Backpackers. This rad spot is the most perfect getaway for Durbanites. It’s not too far from home, cost effective and makes you feel like you’ve travelled to a Thai island. No passports needed, just pack your cozzie, some mozzie spray and padkos!

Yoga at Mantis and Moon, a favourbale weekend getaway not far from Durban. Photo from 

Route 62

Linda and Mike Markovina – Cape Town

Freelance photographer and travel writer

Twitter: @moving_sushi

Instagram: @movingsushi

Nothing beats a good road trip. Padres in the car, finding music you haven’t heard in ages on you iPod and singing it at the top of your voice with the windows down. My home town of Cape Town is blessed with a lot of great road trip options, most just a short distance from home with plenty to offer the roadside wanderer. One of my newly discovered adventures is Route 62, a wonderfully meandering road that takes you on an alternative drive from the traditional coastal pathways.

You can travel all the way to Eastern Cape if you so wish, or just enjoy a few days exploring the fascinating towns like Montague with its vintage cars, healing hot springs and the beautiful Langerberg mountains. Which are lined with wine farms and the sweet smell of citrus trees stretching along the valleys. It’s the perfect place for couples and families wanting to experience a different side of the Western Cape.

The road less travelled near Route 62. Photo by Linda Markovina.

South Coast, KwaZulu-Natal

Samora Chapman – KwaZulu-Natal

Media specilaist, journalist, photographer

Instagram: @samora_chapman

The South Coast is my favourite place to travel on a short road trip from my hometown of eThekwini. Just 40 kms south of Durban, the rugged coastline begins, and once on the road the city smog/noise/madness fades like a bad dream. Up ahead, the coastal jungles begin and a series of bays and points stretch out as far as the eye can see. The coastline is sparsely populated with rural villages and quiet coastal towns, and inland sugar and banana plantations cover the rolling hills.

Samora and son Eli Moon exploring the train tracks of the untouched South Coast.

The surf on this coastline fires, it’s world class and untapped. A number of right-hand point breaks can be found between Durban and the Transkei border. The only dilemma is which one to ride.

The land breeze always carries the scent of burning sugar and the ocean provides wonderful bounty of seafood like mussels and crayfish, which can be harvested fresh from the ocean (with the right permits of course). There are quite a few great backpackers along the way, frequented by grizzled local seamen, hippies and international bohemians. The South Coast is, quite simply, paradise.

The south coast of KwaZulu-Natal is a world of picturesque beauty and adventure. Photo by Luke Mason. 


Sara Essop – Johannesburg

Twitter: @InAfricaNBeyond

Instagram: @inafricaandbeyond

When the city stress starts getting to me and I need to take a quick break amid nature, then I most often head for the Magaliesberg area with my family. Its proximity to Johannesburg is a huge plus, making it a perfect weekend getaway within easy reach. After a short drive (when traffic is not at its peak), we approach the Hartebeestpoort Dam area which is a haven for adventure-seekers. There are plenty of beautiful lodges in the surrounding areas and many of them have amazing spas – just what I needed to relieve stress and recharge.

Scenic streams in Magaliesberg. Photo by Sara Essop.