We love South Africa (SA). We love the people, places, companies and most of all, we love the gees*!

People of South Africa, we think you’re the bee’s knees! The Ndebele people, with your stunning bright colors; your ability to turn brown and grey boring clay/brick/concrete into a flash of rainbow brightness is truly unique.

Surfers, you guys are gnarly bru*. Even when you swap your wetsuit for a collar-suit, your accent, hairstyle and philosophy of life, give away your true identity: a wave loving dude.

Indian people. Thank you! You’ve given us bunny chow. South Africa, no, the world, is forever grateful.

We’ve got legends living on our soils: Nelson Mandela and Pieter Dirk Uys! *the crowd bows*

Not only does South Africa have amazing people, but we’ve got the best attractions too. Kruger National Park, the Wine Route, the Drakensberg, and Namaqualand! Hang, we’re even home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world: Table Mountain.

Drive South Africa is a South Africa loving company (quite obviously) and we appreciate companies who are as passionately dedicated to our motherland as we are.

We love ‘Proudly South African’. You take worthy brands and put your stamp of excellence on them; a stamp of encouragement, support and pride. Your standards of local content, high-quality product, fair labor practice and environmental standards are an inspiration for companies all over the country, giving us all a clear criteria for what a good great, company should be providing the market.

Proudly South African

‘SouthAfrica.info’. Thank you. You’ve given us tips and tricks that help us be informed citizens, you’ve given us the highlights of our country, promoting both domestic and international travel. You keep us connected to what the International Marketing Council are doing to make sure we get the opportunity to share our amazing sunsets and friendly people with everyone else. (Our French intern, Sophie, even used your website to get safely to South Africa)

We want to thank everyone who inspires us to keep doing what we do and keep loving where we are. So I raise a South African produced Consol glass and say ‘Cheers!’… here’s to South Africa!

*Gees: Afrikaans for energetic vibe or spirit.

*Gnarly bru: super awesome, dude.

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