4 Kruger Getaways

Stepping off the beaten track into the wild of Africa is an adventure many can only dream about. For aeons, mans’ inquisitive nature has spurred on countless treks and travels into the far and wild.

The tales recounted by the intrepid travellers keep us intrigued and ever wanting to experience these wild tales for ourselves. Taking a look at some travellers that have taken the time to divulge their escapades on the world wide web, we found 4 travellers accounts, which may just spark that wanderlust fire within you, beckoning to be set ablaze off the beaten track.

Kruger National Park is a wonderland of immense wildlife species, allowing for each visitor to catch a glimpse of the varying game; ever fuelling the desire to answer the call of the wild.

Travellers Tales:

1. Heart-stopping Leopard Encounter at Kruger

Leopard and cub at Kruger National Park
Photo By Leonard van der Walt

“It serves as a reminder of just how ‘wild’ Kruger can be. We consider ourselves very lucky to have had such a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and are very relieved we are not making World News as leopard kill!”

Everyone knows that one should never cross the path of a lioness and her cub, same goes for a leopard and her tiny cubs. Best to slink away from the danger zone, keep your eyes averted, and make no sudden movements; surely the protective creature will then feel that there is no danger and keep going about their business.

Lesson learned: although the Kruger National Park is world renown for its ease of access to vast numbers of wildlife – never forget that these creatures are in fact WILD!

2. A Night out with the Lions

Lion at night in the Kruger National Park
Photo By denglidendekop

“I had just finished my little venture behind the bush when there was an almighty roar! Without even a second thought, the ranger instantly said, “Back into the vehicle – NOW!” My heart thumped, as just a short time before I had been in rather a vulnerable position! The ranger didn’t even bother to fold away the table and drinks, and as he quickly clambered into the vehicle he told us that the animal roaring was indeed a lion and that he was very, very nearby!”

What is an African safari adventure without an encounter with at least one of the Big 5 (for those not in the know, Africa’s Big 5 is: the Lion, the Leopard, the Elephant, the Buffalo and the Rhino).

Toni Hasler gives a gripping tale of her terrifying encounter with the King of the African wild, the Lion.

3. The Kruger Experience

Kruger National Park landscape
Photo By lumina unica

“Evening: The sun was a red ball as it touched the horizon. From our viewpoint, on a hilltop, we looked out over the vastness that is Kruger. The silence of the evening was overwhelming.”

A travellers log of accounts they experience along their adventure is always a great way to get an in-depth view of what they were experiencing at the time. Being able to get a day to day perspective on the safari experience best helps readers to understand the full brevity involved in an African Safari.

Leigh Kemps step by step accounts of her Kruger Park adventures surely got me wanting to book space (https://www.drivesouthafrica.com/about/contact/) at Kruger, ASAP!

4. A Jewel in the Jungle

Giraffe at the Kruger National Park
Photo By Krug6

“Many people’s perception of a tented safari camp may, understandably, conjure up images from Hollywood films depicting ‘living rough’, with nothing much in the way of creature comforts. This could not be further from the truth. The rooms follow the ‘Meru’ style of East African tents with the added benefit of being erected beneath a shady thatched roof. They are embedded with understated luxury and all the necessary mod cons.”

An African Safari is not just about game viewing and roughing it in the wild. It is the entire experience which adds to the holistic view of the adventure that incurred. The parts definitely make up the whole in this instance. The wealth of knowledge gathered and handed down to each traveller from the qualified guides and trackers leaves one astounded, but without them, chances are there would be many a story about wildlife killings. In the wild, knowledge of your surroundings is tantamount to life or death.

Kevin and his detailed account of his Kruger Park experience highlight the fact that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and indeed an army of willing participators to ensure a successful African safari.
Be sure to be the next avid traveller to recount their amazing African adventure tale into the heart of the Kruger National Park, and check out Drive South Africa’s July Kruger Specials. Not to be missed.

Safe Travels.

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