As an intern from abroad, at Discover Africa Group, I want to explore as much as possible in South Africa. Monday the 21st of March was the Human Rights holiday and when I asked for two extra days off, which was no problem, I had 5 days for the Garden Route.

I went there with three friends, who also are interns from abroad. When deciding where to go on the Garden Route, there were a lot of places we wanted to see, but for me, the Bloukrans Bridge Bungy jump was the main attraction. Because it is the world’s highest Bungy jump and not everyone can say they have done that. We could definitely not drive by the bridge and not try it. It is 216 meters high and is located in the Tsitsikamma Forest Village Market, 40 Km east of Plettenberg Bay.

For me, it was considered as a once in a lifetime experience, especially because I live in Europe and the fact that it is too scary to do twice.

World's highest bungy jump
[Bloukrans bridge photo by Nomsaleena]

The days before we set out on the Garden Route, I was really looking forward to the jump and had watched movies of it on youtube. I never doubted that I would do it, however, that was easy to think before I had seen the bridge. When we arrived at the Bloukrans Bridge, we registered and paid for the jump.

After that, we went to the cafe where we waited for one hour or so. While waiting in the cafe there was a television where we could see the jumpers and the first thing we saw, was a woman standing on the edge crying, as if her last moment had come! At that point, I started thinking if it was really worth it. However, the group pressure from the other guys was luckily big enough and when I saw the bungy slogan:” Regret is forever, fear is temporary.” I knew I had to do it.

Alex – Bungy Jump.

Now that I have done it, I am glad that I did. And I must say, it was without a doubt the biggest rush I have ever experienced. For me, it made the Garden Route much more memorable.

The bungy jump is organized by Faceadrenalin and you book a jump online at Faceadrenalin.

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