Where is the Wild Coast?

The Wild Coast is a 300km stretch of coastline in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The region begins south in East London and ends north on the KZN border. This coastline is historically dangerous for seafarers with many describing it as South Africa’s own Bermuda Triangle where ships disappeared without a trace due to freakish waves which plunged ships to the bottom of the Indian Ocean. As recently as 1996, the Cordigilera lost all of its crew in the wild coast waters close to Port St Johns.

Why is it called the Wild Coast?


Politically speaking, the Transkei is located in this region. It never succumbed to colonial rule. Additionally, when it comes to the natural environment, it’s one of the last unspoiled frontiers in South Africa and its culturally significant to the Xhosa tribe. 


Where to go on the Wild Coast?

Before you cross the Kei, the beach towns of Chintz and Morgans Bay make excellent stopovers. From there head to Wave crest, Kobb Inn or The Haven – three stunningly located, laid-back resorts with their own restaurants and bars overlooking the sea. For a more rustic setting, try Bulungula Lodge which is run by the local Xhosa community and has neat bungalows and communal meals. Don’t miss one of South Africa’s best natural wonders at Hole in the Wall, and one of its most peaceful and relaxing coastal parks at Kahlua Nature Reserve.

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