4x4 Rental at Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe/Zambia border

Victoria Falls is one of the most iconic destinations in Africa, situated on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The falls has attracted tourists from all over the world for decades and provides a once in a lifetime view. That said, it is also becoming more of a stop on a much wider, more diverse experience through some of the best safari and wildlife landscapes in the world.

This makes it one of the best kept secrets in the region for exploration as it’s still a relatively unfrequented safari destination where one is treated to serene open landscapes with minimal tourists in comparison to destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania. 4x4 rental at Victoria Falls gives you the chance to get out there and see all that this wildlife-rich country has to offer.

Best time to visit

If your aim is to go swimming then try to avoid the African winter as it can get as cold as its European counterparts, contrary to popular belief. That said if you’re there for the view, it might work in your favour as there might be less tourists and the shorter grass makes for better game viewing.

If you want to get the most out of your 4x4 rental in Victoria Falls experience and also get to see as much breathtaking wildlife as possible the best time to go would be the dry season which is from May until October this is also the time of year where the weather is more temperate and settled with minimal rain. From September it starts to get fairly warm so prepare for this, from October it’s scorching. The rains come around December until April. 

Around the area

Travelling from town to town is quite long this is why 4x4 rental at Victoria Falls is optimal.

Besides for the mesmerizing Victoria Falls, other noteworthy things to do include visiting Lake Kariba, Lake Tanganyika, the Chimp sanctuary and the Livingstone memorial. Zambia is also an adrenaline junkie’s paradise and one can get the heart racing by indulging in activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping and elephant rides. You can also learn how to scuba dive in Lake Tanganyika.

Getting around

There is a world of benefits when traveling through Zambia in a rented 4x4; this gives one the freedom to really immerse oneself in the wonderful sights, sounds and scenes for which the area is famous for. You won’t have to worry about sticking to someone else’s schedule this gives you the freedom to go off road and experience the many 4x4 trails.

Length of stay

For most nationalities you will get a month tourist visa on arrival check out the requirements for your country of origin before departing. As a minimum stay in Zambia since there is a lot to see and a lot of ground to cover it would be ideal to spend a minimum of three weeks. However if you fall in love with the country and wish to extend your stay, you can do so at the countries hubs for an additional fees.

Why rent a 4x4 at Victoria Falls with Drive South Africa

So what are you waiting for? Zambia is calling your name and with so many options for great places to see and 4x4 adventuring just waiting to experience you should already be in your rented 4x4.

We have a team of travel experts and sales representatives waiting to make your 4x4 hire in Zambia self-driving quest a reality.