Go on a Namibia Self Drive Camper Vacation

Explore the land of stark contrasts wedged between the ocean and the desert.

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Our Recommended RVs for Namibia

Toyota Single Cab 4×4 Trax Camper TX

A self-drive with our Toyota Trax 4×4 is ideal for the traveller looking to explore this majestic country on their own terms.

The Toyota Trax is a two sleeper 4×4 equipped vehicle. It is comfortable, reliable and efficient and offers a truly wonderful way to tour and enjoy all that Johannesburg has to offer.

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Nissan Trax 4x4 Equipped for Hire

Nissan Single Cab 4×4 Trax Camper MTX

Enjoy stunning coastal routes. empty country roads and a great variety of wildlife, in the comfort of your self-drive rental. More and more people planning a holiday in South Africa are opting to experience the country by self-drive. This method of travel provides the ability to customize your holiday to suit their personal needs.

The Nissan Single cab 4×4 Trax Camper MTX is ideal for two people exploring Southern Africa. it is comfortable and efficient with a decent load bay.

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Discoverer 4 Berth Camper

The Discoverer 4 berth camper is a popular option for a family of four travelling. It sleeps four adults or two adults and two children comfortably and has all the luxury and comfort needed for your trip. There is air conditioning in the drivers cabin and in the rear living area.

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Discoverer 6 Berth Camper

Exploring Namibia by camper is an unbeatable way to see the delights of this magnificent country.It also gives you the liberty to access places off the beaten track.

We recommend the Discoverer 6 berth Camper for your trip. It is ideal for 6 adult passengers travelling. The living area is air conditioned. There is a bathroom, shower and wash-up bin too.

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Namibia RV Travel Advice


Namibia is a country of desolate but captivating beauty. Here you’ll have the chance to explore a land of stark contrasts wedged between the ocean and desert.

Drive South Africa offers you an incredible range of camper vans at the lowest prices so you can easily get out there and explore the desert wonderland, wide open spaces, and spectacular wildlife. Nothing beats the freedom of exploring miles of open road at your own pace and leisure and enjoying the many camping sites within Namibia’s borders.

The Best Time to Visit Namibia

Namibia’s climate is suited to camping all year round, but most travelers will want to explore the country during the best months for wildlife viewing, which are from June to October. Etosha is probably the country’s best destination for spotting spectacular wildlife. The period between December and March is usually more humid and there’s even a chance of rain.

Where to Stay in Namibia


Camper rental in Namibia is all about open spaces and Windhoek is no different and there are literally loads of camp sites and accommodation facilities within a 15 minute to 30 minute drive of the city. This will make the start or the end of your camping experience a breeze as you will more than likely be flying out of Windhoek on your way home. Camper hire Namibia will enable you to really get under the skin of the great outdoors of this sandy yet magical region.


This is a popular coastal town famous for its sandboarding and desolate beaches where one can get lost for hours and days. It’s also a great place for camping and exploration and there are many options for any adventure in your new camper.

Etosha National Park

This is considered to be one of the best wildlife viewing areas throughout the whole of Namibia and it’s also considered a great place to camp, this is likely to be one of the highlights of your camping trip.

Skeleton Coast

This is one of the most remote stretches of coast on the planet and it’s famous for its ghostly shipwrecks and ghost towns which has kept tourists flocking to the area for decades. There are also many camp areas available in this region of Namibia.

Around Namibia

You really won’t have any shortage of things to do in Namibia on your camping adventure. Some of the highlights include hot air ballooning over the Namib Desert, the walking trail with Tok Tokkie, exploring the Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei. Get haunted at the Kolmanskop ghost town. You can go on a horse ride at Garub pan, experience the majestic Fish River Canyon and hot springs at Ai-Ais. Believe it or not Namibia also has some world class surf spots in certain areas. Hiring a camper with Drive South Africa just opens up your world and enables you to explore.

Getting Around

The benefits to renting an RV in Namibia are endless as you will get to truly embrace the outdoors for which this great country is famous for. Not many places on planet earth boast such open spaces and with Drive South Africa finding the ideal places to camp will be a breeze. RV rental in Namibia through Drive South Africa is an immensely popular way to get around as it enables you the freedom and spirit of the outdoors.

Length of Stay

There really a lot of explore in this magical country so anything less than 2 weeks wouldn’t be sufficient for a camping road trip. Make sure you get the correct information on visa requirements for the country before you leave and what are the laws around extending your visa if you wish to stay longer.

What to Pack

Make sure you make allowances for cold nights especially if you are travelling during July, remember if you are going to the desert, however hiring a camper with help with this as you will have more comfort and options for places to stay. Take walking boots and good shoes and be prepared for dust, when walking through many of the national parks.

Water is an extremely important item when going on long walks or when you will be out in the wild past civilization. A good first aid kit is also vital as well as malaria medication and mosquito nets. Half the country is in risk of malaria. Camper hire Namibia will also enable you to store things which will definitely be helpful out there in the wilderness.

Renting an RV in Namibia with Drive South Africa

A vast and magical country is waiting to be explored, hiring a camper makes it convenient get out there in the Namibian wilderness. With our vast experience in this regard, it really will be a breeze. Drive South Africa is here to get you out there in nature in style with our amazing range of campers. Just pick up the phone; send an email or fill out the easy booking form below and one of our sales representatives or travel experts are here to help you in any way possible.

Renting an RV with Drive South Africa really is that simple. RV rental in Namibia will be a reassurance that you can full indulge in the wide open spaces of this unique African destinations.