Africa Travel App: Namibia just got more accessible

Planning your Namibia self-drive holiday? Then get your car at 4×4 rental Namibia and be ready to hit the dirt! It is easy to lose focus when surfing the internet for travel information, and you might not always be in the mood to inquire about information from that loud group of locals at the bar, for that reason, a concise Africa Travel app is the answer to getting reliable and up-to-date information on Namibia. That is why Your World Publishers has just released its first-ever travel app for Namibia.

Let your Africa travel app shine the way

Unlike other apps, this Africa travel app has a straight-forward structure with various fields of interest. These include landscapes and wildlife, a variety of leisure activities, as well as the cultural heritage of the country. You will also find the answers to frequently asked questions about travelling in Namibia.  

A section for every interest

Get nifty information on the ten best destinations including the red dunes of Sossusvlei, Etosha National Park and the Fish River Canyon. Did you know that’s the second largest canyon in the world? The wealth of information is quite refreshing. When reviewing this app, I was surprised to see that Namibia is the first country in the world to have conservation written into its constitution. I also didn’t know that a whopping 42% of the country’s land is protected today! A section about the national carrier Air Namibia gives information about getting to and from the country, such as the daily direct flights from Frankfurt to Namibia’s capital, Windhoek. A comprehensive list of Nambia accommodation options such as lodges, camps and hotels and what they offer complete the overall picture. The best part is that it gets updated regularly. There are also sections for medical advice as well as a “fascinating experiences” section in the different parts of the country – which is a great attraction for children.

Put the know-it-all-guide to shame with your Africa travel app

The Namibia App is not only a reliable source when planning a trip, but is also an interactive read inviting you to be inspired by the astonishing beauty of this country in South West Africa. “Our special thanks go to the Dutch publishing house Your World Publishing, who developed the Namibia iPad app in collaboration with us, as well as to the authors of the texts and to all individuals who provided the beautiful photographs,” says Area Manager out of the Namibia Tourism Board, Maureen Posthuma. The Namibia app can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store in English. German, French, Italian and Dutch versions are set to be released this autumn and an iPhone application will be created shortly. Outshine your geeky guide with interesting and fun-filled facts. Also, see the Top 5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone.

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