I do Africa

At the end of January 2012, shortly after our wedding, my new husband and I will take our tent, our 125cc motorbike and a lot of faith and hit the road to Egypt and then hopefully Morocco.


My sister often  jokes; “The two of you will return as either the most bonded couple ever, or divorced” … with confidence we trust the first option.

After we spend the bigger part of 2011 trying to figure out just how we will make it to Morocco travelling from Johannesburg around the west side of the continent, our path crossed with a mature traveller in Mozambique who convinced us to tackle Africa from the easier eastern-side.

We thought about it for a while and quickly changed our travelling plans in September . We are therefore about two months into planning our honeymoon (and about a week into planning our wedding).

I guess this is where I should mention that my (soon to be) husband is the planner and dreamer.  I am very much a last minute person and always geared up for the worst!

Therefore, at this stage in our preparation, the two of us (but mostly him) have managed to get some basics done.

We have our main means of transport as well as a couple of backups, a ‘general’ route,  a (very) flexible plan and a couple of deadlines… all of which I will soon tell you more about.

Currently the walls in our living room is covered with maps of Africa instead of paintings and Guillaume (“Siff”) is energetically working on the bike.  (Our yard often looks like a scrap yard and it sometimes feels like I am tying the knot with a grease monkey – an attribute which will be very handy as soon as we run into trouble with the bike).

With the very basics covered, a list of countries and a grease patch in our driveway, we still have a lot of planning to do before our departure.

I hope you will join us as we figure this out and map our way through our vast, exciting and beautiful continent!

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