4×4 rental Botswana

Botswana is famous for its spectacular natural beauty and amazing wildlife. The rich lineage to early African anthropology and culture makes Botswana a must for all African safari enthusiasts.  If you’re looking for 4×4 rental Botswana, there is no better option then Drive South Africa. We have the best contacts and sales consultants to ensure a memorable driving experience through Botswana. Try our extensive range of 4×4’s today.

Best time to visit

It would seem most if not all will be adventuring to Botswana to experience its three most popular wildlife destinations which are The Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. If wildlife and clear skies are what you’re looking for then May until September will be the best time to visit because of the very low rainfall. This means navigating the amazing 4×4 trails on offer will be a breeze.

Around the area

Botswana has a world of natural vistas to traverse and a lot of the country is geared for this when it comes to tourism. However, Botswana also has a rich cultural heritage which is linked to some of the earliest civilizations. If you find yourself in Gaborone and you need a break from safari drives in your comfortable 4×4 rental Botswana, check out the Three Chiefs Statue. Similarly, Tsodilo Hills is for anyone fascinated by ancient rock paintings and Tuli Block aka ‘The Land of Giants’ is excellent for wildlife because of its unique vantage points.

Getting around

Infrastructure is quite limited so 4×4 rental Botswana is the optimal way of experiencing this natural wonderland which has become a sought after safari destination. The terrain in Botswana is challenging and there are many great places to drive your rental. Additionally, having your own vehicle means that you aren’t limited to anyone else’s schedule and this will allow you to explore certain areas which might not be possible without one.

Length of stay

The ideal length of stay depends on your budget and preferences.  Having said this, you need to take into account that a few extra days would need to be added for driving between the main tourist hubs. Opting to drive yourself in a 4×4 from Drive South Africa will allow you full autonomy over your itinerary. Obviously, the longer you have to explore an incredible country like Botswana, the more enriching your experience will be.

What to pack

Make sure you don’t forget any of the essential paperwork and make spare copies of your documents. Include a waterproof jacket especially for the Okavango Delta.Take note that Botswana is a malaria area and medication as well as a strong repellent is advisable. If game drives is on your itinerary, then ensure that you pack neutral clothing that won’t attract too much attention. Remember to pack both warm and cool items for the chilly mornings and hot afternoons. Other worthwhile items on any safari include a camera, binoculars and plenty of spare batteries and memory cards.

Where to stay

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango boasts a large number of luxury camps and lodges. Maun has a number of other facilities if you wish to explore a more than just the Delta.

Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi Game Reserve is famous for its luxury tented camps. Notable places to stay include the Abu Camp and Moremi River crossing camp, which is considered an optimal wildlife viewing area.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park has an abundance of world class accommodation options to choose from. Stay in 5-star lodges and hotels or luxury tented camps. There is a world of possibilities when visiting the majestic Chobe National Park.


The capital of Botswana is a bustling city that has all the amenities that one might expect, including upmarket hotels, guesthouses and lodges. However, you might want to skip it if you’re just in Botswana for the wildlife. 

Why rent a 4×4 in Botswana with Drive South Africa?

Drive South Africa has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advising clients on the best vehicles for their ideal trip. There is so much to explore and so many beautiful and remote places to see in Botswana. Making a 4×4 rental Botswana from Drive South Africa an easy choice. With our expertise in car and 4×4 rentals not only in Botswana, but also in other African countries as well. There is no better option if you wish to take a 4×4 self-driving trip through Botswana.