Planning a Botswana 4×4 self-drive safari but looking to escape the crowds? Here’s an itinerary that does just that. Botswana is an excellent 4×4 self-drive destination for travellers looking to experience an authentic African safari.

Your journey

This Botswana 4×4 self-drive holiday starts in Maun – the gateway to the wildlife-rich Okavango Delta. Maun is the ideal place to stock up for your exploits as you make your way towards Xakanaxa.

You can choose to either collect your 4×4 vehicle at Maun Airport or hire car in the South African city of Johannesburg and enjoy an extended drive towards Maun.
Xakanaxa, pronounced ‘ka-ka-na-ka’, is located within the Moremi Game Reserve in the Central Okavango, within a crescent-shaped, crystal-clear lagoon at the tip of the Khwai River. It’s a place of incredible natural beauty and large densities of wildlife. Here, you’ll also have the opportunity to see the Big Five.

Getting there

There are two entrances to Moremi – the South Gate and the North Gate. South Gate takes you directly to the Xakanaxa, or you can choose to travel via Third Bridge, which, which passes through the North Gate as well as a stunning section known as Hippo Pools. Close to North Gate is a Mopane Pole bridge that travellers will have to cross to exit Moremi.

Wildlife that you may see along your journey to Xakanaxa includes elephant, buffalo, hyena, giraffe, hippo, wildebeest, kudu, lechwe, lion and leopard, and many more.

Where to stay

Xakanaxa Camp

This camp provides travellers with sprawling views of the Xakanaxa Lagoon. Xakanaxa Camp is one of the very few safari camps that offers guests an authentic, year-round Okavango Delta land and water safari experience. It’s also is one of the few camps in Botswana which still offers the essence of a classic tented camp. For more information about Xakanaxa Camp, visit Discover Africa Safaris.

Activities to try

A mokoro ride through the waterways of the Okavango Delta is something not to be missed. A mokoro is a dug-out canoe used to navigate through these waters and gives adventurers the opportunity to get close to the wildlife on show.
Xakanaxa is also an excellent birdwatching destination. Xakanaxa is renowned for the breeding colonies that congregate on the treed islands in the lagoons, with herons, storks, ibises and egrets building their nests in close proximity to each other. Exploring the channels accompanied by the calls of the resident African fish eagles is a constant reminder that you are exploring the very heart of the Okavango Delta.