It started 33 years ago as a mass ride to focus on the lack of cycling paths in South Africa. Little did they know the event would be one of the biggest cycle tours in the world.  Last year 35 000 attended the race and the expectations are just as good this year. The event will be held on the 13th of March 2011 in Cape Town. So be sure to somehow get involved in the one day a year when the roads of Cape Town are fuller than working-class China trains.

Read more about the race on our blog: Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2011. And: Penny Krohn Darling of the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, about race veteran, Penny Krohn, who has attended the race 26 times and won eight World Masters Cycling Titles. Written by Tamzyn Degoumouis.

Cape Argus Cycle Tour

Date: 13th of March 2011.

Location: Race starts in Cape Town.

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