Traveling through Africa will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. It is the best option as it gives one quality bonding time in new surroundings. There is also a lot to learn out there in the African bush and it’s always a good idea to educate your children and loved ones about nature, wildlife and diverse culture. Many might believe that going on a safari might not be the easiest option with their loved ones, but many countries and bush lodges are geared around family safari experiences. 

Here are five countries to consider on your next Family- safari:



This country has only risen to prominence within the last few years and is becoming one of the leading safari destinations in the world. What’s nice about Botswana is that it has many suitable camps and safaris geared around a family-safari. It’s advised to book a private guide, for this will ensure that your loved ones get as much out of the experience as possible.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the best destinations in Africa due to the fact that there are options for Malaria free safari locations in both the Eastern Cape and Highveld of the country. These locations are also in close proximity to two of the respective business and cultural hubs of the country, Johannesburg and Cape Town. Accommodation is also in abundance from private villas, luxurious bush lodges and self-catering units. Self-drive is also a popular choice amongst travellers looking to explore South Africa on their own terms. 4×4 rental is recommended for a safari self-drive, but there are a variety of car rental options available too. 


Namibia is a great destination for family self-drive safaris, however, it’s advised that if you have toddlers this may not be the best option as the long drives might be a bit taxing on the little ones. There are a lot of great places to explore in Namibia for older children. 


Kenya is considered to be a top family destination for many reasons including the fact that your children will get a chance to embrace the fascinating culture of the Masai tribe. The country also has some of the world’s best-untouched beaches so once you are over exploring the majestic wildlife on offer you can hit the sun and surf with the whole family.


What’s nice about Zambia is certain safari packages offer private family houses which is always a great way to really bond with loved ones when on holiday. Zambia is also considered slightly more secluded safari destination compared to other more bustling safari destinations such as Tanzania and Kenya.

A family-safari in Africa promises an unforgettable experience. There are some great options for your to choose from, and your travel agent will ensure your family-safari experience is hassle-free and convenient.