Hire a Trusty Toyota 4x4 for Your Namibian Adventure

With a fleet made up of over 250 Toyota Land Cruisers and Hilux comprehensively serviced and fully tested between rentals, Asco Car Hire was the perfect choice when Drive South Africa went looking to expand its Namibian 4×4 car rental offering.

With years of African self-drive adventures under their collective belt, Asco’s knowledgeable team also goes the extra mile to ensure customers have a memorable, hassle-free trip.

From Best to Budget

Thanks to this new partnership, Drive South Africa can now offer its clients even greater access to quality and reliable 4×4 rental cars.

The Asco fleet consists of everything from new and nearly new 4x4s and SUVs to older but well-maintained budget vehicles for the thrifty self-driver who still wants to go everywhere.

Toyota Fortuner by a mountain in Namibia | Photo Credits - Sara Essop

Toyota Fortuner by a mountain in Namibia | Photo Credits – Sara Essop

For the adventurer who just wants to pick up their 4×4 and hit the trails, Asco Car Hire offers vehicles that have been fully kitted out with all the camping gear you’ll need, double fuel tanks, a water tank, and bull and roll bars for extra safety.

All vehicles have been technically adapted to make the most of Africa’s testing terrain so drivers can explore the wild with confidence.

Carbon Conscious? Go Green!

Asco Car Hire supports a number of conservation, sustainability, and responsible tourism initiatives, including the AfriCat Foundation and TOSCO Trust, to name just a couple.

4x4 driving along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

4×4 driving along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

In addition to this, they do their part for carbon offsetting by planting fruit trees that also generate a source of income for the local school for the cognitively impaired.

You’re more than welcome to make your own donation towards the program if you’re looking to shrink your carbon footprint on your African adventure. You can buy as many CO2 offset units (indigenous Namibian trees) as you like, so there’s the opportunity to make your trip entirely carbon-neutral.

All The Extras

For the ultimate 4×4 self-drive experience, Asco Car Hire vehicles can be outfitted with a range of handy extras. Add car insurance with extra cover and extra equipment like satellite phones, child seats, local SIM cards, a GPS, and a compressor.


Above: Camping in the Dunes of the Namib Desert. Photo by Simon Scaled

If you’re travelling in a convoy, there’s even the option to equip your vehicles with a two-way radio.   

If your heart is set on a Namibian self-drive safari, there’s a trusty Toyota 4×4 or SUV waiting for you at Drive South Africa, Africa’s leading car rental agency. Booking and comparing is user-friendly, quick, and efficient, so you’ll be on your epic journey in no time!  

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