The endless tongue in cheek, fist in the air debate between Land Rover and Land Cruiser fans has been going on for ages. When going through the gazillions of  4×4 forums and talking to clients that have made use of our car rental and 4×4 hire services, I realized that this debate will not soon reach a solid conclusion. Watching the equally brilliant YouTube videos of what both vehicles are capable of, its no wonder that you get Land Rover ravers, Land Cruisers by heart and those that are sitting on the fence between these two kings of the off-road.

Land Cruiser & Land Rover: river crossing adventures

I wasn’t surprised to learn that unlike regular vehicles, 4×4’s and other off-road vehicles are designed so that they could get across water obstacles. But what threw me completely overboard was that Land Cruisers and Land Rovers could cross such deep rivers, even if it meant floating around for a bit, as illustrated below.

Toyota Land Cruiser river crossing video

Watch this short YouTube clip and see how one crazy Aussie drives a Toyota Land Cruiser right into a river… without a snorkel The SUV floats like a boat, but will it actually reach the bank?

Land Rover Defender river crossing video

You got to love the Aussies… South Africans don’t have to stand back when it comes to off-road craziness. Watch as South African off-roaders take on the deep water in the Berg River Resort in Paarl, South Africa in a Land Rover. Below is a concise and fair video review that attempts to put the Land Cruiser Land Rover war to rest. In this clip, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70SW and the Land Rover Defender 11SW are being compared by having a close look to see how they stack up against each other. Known for his no-nonsense, say-it-like-it-is-manner, presenter Andrew St. Pierre White, gives a low-down. “These two vehicles are similar in so many ways and yet other ways so very different. They are both superbly suited to rugged overland travel. What makes these two vehicles special in terms of being such superb off-road expedition vehicles is this: a live axle! That solid axle being on front and back means these vehicles are particularly tough.” For a comparative review on the vehicles’ fuel economy, reliability reputation, resale value and other aspects, check out this great post on 4xforum.   Seems like both are winning 4×4’s for the off-road at the end of the day… Tell us on which side of the fence you’re on and prove why your kind of SUV is the best 4×4 there is! *The vehicles on these videos are using snorkels. None of the 4×4 rental companies offer snorkels with any of their 4×4’s. For this reason, you cannot cross waters deeper than half the wheel when renting a 4×4. Planning a 4×4 trip and need to hire a 4×4 vehicle locally?  You might want to have a look at 4×4 hire to find the best vehicle for your adventure.