Spring is here and South Africa is blessed with some of the most picturesque destinations on the planet to witness fields and fields of blossoming flowers. The one issue is how one gets to all these locations and when is the optimal time to visit. This is also largely due to the diverse weather patterns within South Africa which make areas have completely contrasting experiences when it comes to sunshine, wind, rain and snow.

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Thanks to MapStudio and author Marion Whitehead this really won’t be very challenging anymore with their extensive visitors guide to the flower route of South Africa, which takes one on a colourful journey through destinations such as the West Coast National Park, Darling in the Western Cape and the various locations where the famed and captivating fynbos can be found scattered along mountain passes, major roads and nature reserves all over South Africa.

It really is very simple thanks to MapStudio and they have presented all the highlights, well packaged with great photography with all the relevant info you may need or be intrigued to know about the incredible biodiversity that is South Africa.

What’s also nice is they have added some worthwhile extra details such as where are the best places to eat, stay or shop within close proximity to these flower-filled locations. Another great feature is that they have added maps of these particular flora-filled areas, so if your GPS, breaks or smartphone runs out of data you can always do it the old-fashioned way and consult a physical map which are well illustrated simple and clear enough for anyone to decipher.

Other parts of the book include valuable information on hiking trails as well as facts about other amazing wildlife which can be found in many of the areas and nature reserves where great flora is also located. This, in turn, makes this useful resource read as more than just a guide on flowers in South Africa but more of a guide to the different locations where flowers are found in South Africa. So grab a copy at any leading newsstand or bookstore today and get exploring the flower route of this breathtaking country.

Spring flowers – photo off www.wikimedia.comms

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