As flights can get quite expensive and chauffeur drivers are not always available in Namibia, you are usually left with two options – a self-drive holiday or meeting up with a tour group.


When arriving at a well-known airport such as Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport or even Walvis Bay Airport, car rental or hiring a 4×4 might be the best option. The type of vehicle would, however, depend on whether you’re planning to go on a safari holiday or a relaxing beach holiday along the Western coast of Africa.

Road from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay. 

We at Drive South Africa have put together travel distance information from Walvis Bay Airport to various other destinations you might want to visit or are traveling from:
• Walvis Bay Airport in Namibia to Harare in Zimbabwe – 1813 km
• Walvis Bay Airport to Swakopmund – 30.6 km
• Walvis Bay to Windhoek – 310,3 km
• Walvis Bay to Cape Town  – 1647 km
• Walvis Bay to Johannesburg – 1671
• Walvis Bay to Upington –  1149,5km
• Walvis Bay to Henties Bay – 95km

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