4×4 hire in Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek the major city of Namibia is a gateway to the rest of this magical land which may well be one of the best locations on planet earth to drive a 4×4. Its desolate, yet astoundingly beautiful landscapes have been captivating adventurers  and explorers for decades. Its moody coastline, iconic German inspired architecture and abundance of open space and freedom have kept people coming back.

With Drive South Africa, 4×4 hire Windhoek is as easy as pie, with our excellent and dedicated staff of sales representatives and travel experts.

Best time to visit

Namibia  is a dry country and rainfall is far less dense than countries further east. Namibia receives rain between December to March and this is when some days will be humid with afternoon showers.

June to October which is widely considered to be a great time for wildlife viewing. Etosha Game Park is considered to be one of the more optimal areas in the country to see game. 4×4 hire Namibia will ensure you get to do everything your heart desires when traveling through this great country.

Around the area

Windhoek is the capital and biggest city in Namibia and for a fairly small country they have a rich history and legacy. There is a lot to experience and explore in Windhoek from Heroes’ Acre war memorial.

Other historic sites include Alte Feste which is a military headquarters of yesteryear which now serves as a destination that has an Independence Memorial Museum and various historical exhibits, if one is interested in colonial style architecture the buildings nearby serve this function.  However if one wants a bit of nature close to the centre of Windhoek then the Daan Vilijoen Game Reserve is your best bet.

If you’d like to get involved with a bit of wildlife conservation then make the effort to go on a Cat’s Unlimited.

Getting around

Although Windhoek is a well-developed city, Namibia is a remote country with a lot of open space and off road adventures just waiting to be experienced with 4×4 hire Windhoek. Many tour companies in fact offer 4×4 tours so why not cut out the middleman and do it yourself. 

Length of stay

Windhoek may be a small city but there is so much to do and see you may want to extend your stay, a week would be sufficient but if you wish to use Windhoek as your base to see everything that’s in the area you may want to extend your visit by a week or two.

What to pack

Going on a self-drive safari or adventure anywhere in the world means that you will be going to some remote places where people may not be around to help you if you get yourself into any tricky situations. On top of the normal things you would take when travelling it’s also good to take a few essential extras which might get you out of any unwanted situations. These include as much extra water as you can fit in your car, a spare tyre, a first aid kit, tow rope, a shovel and jumper cables.

Where to stay

Windhoek West

The further west you go the more desolate the landscape becomes, however this hasn’t stopped this part of Windhoek from having quite a few world class accommodation facilities available. 

Klein Windhoek

This is an area for those looking to be a bit out of the way for the sake of some much needed peace and tranquility before you head off on your epic 4×4 hire Windhoek self-drive adventure.

Central Windhoek

There really is a world of great accommodation facilities available in Windhoek from 5 star hotels, lodges and quaint guest houses you really won’t have any issues finding places to stay if you wish to make this part of Windhoek your base.

Why hire a 4×4 in Windhoek with Drive South Africa

With so much off road adventures just waiting to happen within such proximity to the capital,  the only way to experience this great country is to hire a 4×4. Drive South Africa has years of experience when it comes to car hire and 4×4 hire in the Southern African region.