Namibia is one of the most beautiful locations in the world with its vast landscapes and beautiful mountains. It is a place that will clear your mind and will take your breath away. Namibia’s untouched nature and beautiful wildlife leave you in awe. This is why it will be fitting to self-drive in Namibia to give you the freedom you deserve.  Namibia is kind of like stepping into another world with its long roads and vast landscapes. 


Self Drive Safari


One thing is for sure Namibia will certainly leave a lasting memory when basking in its natural beauty. The one way to get the full benefit of Namibia is by being in control of where you are driving at all times. This is why it’s important to self-drive in Namibia so there are no limitations to what you would like to achieve or accomplish when driving through the magnificent beauty of Namibia. Having the option to self-drive in Namibia will certainly make your stay a whole lot easier as well as better. If you are travelling from South Africa for self-drive Namibia tips as well as 4×4 self-drive tours.


Self Drive Highlights Namibia

Best Towns to Visit in Namibia


Namibia is all about open spaces and Windhoek is no different and there are literally loads of campsites and accommodations facilities within a 15 minute to 30-minute drive of the city. This will make the start or the end of your self-drive experience a breeze as you will more than likely be flying out of Windhoek on your way home. Windhoek is a very inviting city where being able to self-drive will be to your advantage.


Self Drive Windhoek

Self Drive Windhoek


This is a popular coastal town famous for its sandboarding and desolate beaches where one can get lost for hours and days. It’s also a great place for camping and exploration and there are many options for any adventure in your rented car. In Swakopmund, everything is quite far away, and being able to self-drive would be to your advantage.

Etosha National Park

This is considered to be one of the best wildlife viewing areas throughout the whole of Namibia and it’s also considered a great place to camp, this is likely to be one of the highlights of your self-drive trip through Namibia. Self-driving through this area will enable you to have the best value out of your trip by being in control.

Skeleton Coast

This is one of the most remote stretches of coast on the planet and it’s famous for its ghostly shipwrecks and ghost towns which has kept tourists flocking to the area for decades. There are also many camp areas available in this region of Namibia as well as lodges, guest houses, and self-catering units. By hiring a 4×4 and self-driving the Skeleton Coast you will experience one of the best parts of Namibia.



Self Drive Skeleton Coast


Advantages of Self-Drive Namibia Safari


Self-driving not only makes financial sense but also makes things a whole lot more enjoyable and easier.

Advantages of Self drive Namibia 4×4 Safari

  • Save more money by not owning a 4×4

  • You have access to different cars more often.

  • There is no residual value when renting a self-drive vehicle.

  • You do not have to sell the car after you have rented it.

  • When renting a self-drive experience you do not have to worry about a set schedule only your own.

  • When Self driving Namibia you are in more control

  • When Self driving Namibia you do not have to worry about the depreciation of the vehicle.

  • When Self driving Namibia you do not have to worry about the licensing of the car.

  • When Self driving Namibia you do not have to worry about cleaning the car.


Safari Drive

Best Self Drive Safari’s 

Fish River Canyon 

 It is almost the equivalent of the Grand Canyon, which is the largest canyon in the Southern hemisphere with an amazing hiking trail, and a wonderful drive to view. Find the best Namibian Road map through our blogs.


Fish River Canyon


It is a semi-desert where there are spectacular views as well as the home to desert-adapted elephants as well as black rhino. This is a must for self-driving Namibia.

The Skeleton Coast

 The Skeleton Coast is stunning and it is also known for its amount of shipwrecks. It has one of the most incredible places to self-drive to explore and to have fun.

Surfing Skeleton Coast

Surfing Skeleton Coast



The place of big dunes, the dunes that are in Sossusvlei will take your breath away while exploring this magical place. Make sure to stock up on water if you are getting out of your car, it is very hot and as you can guess very dry. The Sossusvlei Sand Dunes is a must and will change your life forever. 

Etosha National Park

 This is one of Africas best national parks to visit, which can be done best when you are self-driving your way to seeing incredible wildlife.


Self Drive Safari Etosha

Self Drive Safari Etosha


Best times to Self Drive


Namibia is a beautiful country where the seasons make a significantly different experience. This is why it’s important to check out the best times to go when self-driving in Namibia. When Driving through Namibia this information is quite important.


The best times to head to Namibia would be from May to September, due to this time being the most popular times where you will be able to see the wildest life on your self-drive experience.  This will be the dry winter period with more pleasant weather and lower temperatures which will make your stay in Namibia a more pleasurable experience.


What to Pack

Other than a good attitude and a sense of adventure here are some more options to throw in.

Going on a self-drive safari or adventure anywhere in the world means that you will be going to some remote places where people may not be around to help you if you get yourself into any tricky situations. On top of the normal things you would take when travelling, it’s also good to pack a few essential extras which might get you out of any situation.  When renting a 4×4, see what is included in your package so you can pack less and we can do some of the packing for you.


Self Drive Namibia Safari

Camper Cruiser

Best self-drive Camping Spots in Namibia

What’s great about Namibia is that there is such a variety of beautiful camping spots where you can self-drive to get there and be closer to nature. This is a beautiful opportunity to spend with your family as well as your friends to have a memorable bonding experience.  If you enjoy the peace and quiet as well as being closer to nature, then camping in Namibia will give you that perfect experience. Just make sure that you are properly geared for the heat, by bringing a lot of water as well as shade to shield you from the sun. 


Prepared Ford Ranger

Prepared Ford Camping


Camping can be made luxurious by renting a 4×4 from Drive South Africa to have a better self-drive experience with all the extras to make camping easy as well as efficient. When booking a 4×4 don’t hesitate to look through all the different options provided and even give us a call so we can give an even better tailor-made experience.


If camping is your thing here are 5 Namibian Camp spots to enjoy on your self-driving experience.


  • Masosaurus Fossil Camp

  • Kalahari Anib Lodges Campsite

  • Kalahari Farmhouse Campsite

  • Camp Elephant Erindi Private Nature Reserve

  • Sophienhof Lodges campsite


Self Driving in Namibia Tips

On gravel roads

  • Drive slowly on gravel roads—never more than 80 kmph, stick to the allocated speed limit, even then sometimes some roads will require a slower driving speed.

  • Stick to 3rd or 4th gear when driving on gravel.

  • Slow gradually using gears and brakes, not just brakes. Only brake on straight sections of roads, not on corners (there aren’t many of these anyway).

  • Slow down when passing an oncoming vehicle to minimise gravel damage.

Other driving tips

  • Drive on the left.

  • Don’t drive in the sand unless you have a 4×4 and only if it is an approved 4×4 route.

  • Keep snacks and water on hand for long drives.

  • Fill up whenever you pass a petrol station. Due to the long distances between petrol stations.

  • Avoid driving at night as animals often wander into the roads.

Why rent a car in Namibia with Drive South Africa


With such vast open spaces and great places to visit, not to mention untouched winding roads that go on for days there really is no other way to experience Namibia than Car hire in Namibia. Drive South Africa has a leading sales and travel team of experts just waiting to make your Namibian self-drive experience a breeze. Rent a car today and get out there and immerse yourself in the wonderful desert world that is Namibia. Drive South Africa is here to assist you in any way possible. When self-driving there is nobody more capable of being able to assist you when having your adventure in Namibia


 FAQ’s Self Drive Namibia Safari

How much will it cost to hire a self Drive car in Namibia

On average a car rental in Namibia costs R1 281 per day.

What is the most Popular car for a Self Drive Safari

The most popular car for a Self Drive Namibian Safari would be a Toyota Landcruiser 

What will I need to rent a self drive vehicle.

To rent a self-drive car one would need a Valid Driving License that’s been held for 3 years as well as a credit card for payment.

Do I need a international drivers license in Namibia for a self drive car.

To rent a self-drive vehicle in Namibia it is advisable to bring an international driving license.

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