Moremi Game Reserve is one of Botswana’s most famous parks, and the only place self-drive visitors can access the Okavango Delta. The park sits on the delta’s eastern edge, with two campsites at its main north and south gates and another two further in, on the waterways. The area receives rainfall in summer which runs from late November to the end of March. Counterintuitively, this is when the delta is at its lowest ebb. Water levels only begin to rise in May, reaching their height in September and October as the floods from the Angolan highlands slowly filter down.

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 Moremi offers some of the best wildlife viewings in Botswana, including all of the Big Five – although rhino are rare. The delta waterways attract a huge variety of birds and animals and no visit is complete without a makoro (local wooden canoe) or motorboat trip out into the larger pools. Trips can be arranged at the Xakanaxa and Third Bridge campsites, or at the Mboma Boat station in the far northwest of the park. Xomae Group (who operate Third Bridge campsite) also offer a wonderful overnight boat and wild camping excursion to the small delta island of Gcodikwe 1.

Practical advice

Moremi is a year-round wildlife destination, but the roads can be very muddy and difficult from January to March. July to October are considered the best months for animals, but the campsites are also at their busiest and it’s essential to book well in advance. The April/May shoulder season is usually quieter, and still offers good wildlife viewing and decent road conditions. Kwalate Safaris operates the campsites at South Gate (also known as Maqwee Gate) and Xakanaxa. SKL operates the North Gate (Khwai Gate) campsite and Xomae Group operates Third Bridge and the island camp on Gcodikwe 1. Ask about road conditions at the gates before you enter the park. In particular, check whether it’s possible to cross between Third Bridge and Xakanaxa. The bridge itself is often damaged and out of service, which may mean a long drive around. The closest fuel to Moremi is in Maun.

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