Start your South Africa Self Drive 4×4 Holiday

South Africa offers a world of off-road adventures in its many rural and wildlife areas and you’ll be spoiled for choice with so many rugged trails to explore.

self drive safari in South Africa

Our Recommended Vehicles for South Africa

hire a toyota hilux camper

Toyota Hilux 2.4TD 4×4 Camp

A reliable and capable 4×4 vehicle that offers excellent fuel consumption and good off road performance. Good ride height ideal for game viewing. Equipped with a roof top tent.

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4x4 hire namibia

Toyota Landcruiser 79 S/W 4×4 Camp

The Toyota Landcruiser is a very robust, reliable and exceptionally capable 4WD vehicle. A highly respected safari vehicle in Africa, with no electronics and ideal for remote area travel.

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Nissan Double Cab 4×4 MDE

This is one of Africas most reliable pickup trucks, with the ruggedness to take on any terrain.

Perfect for a self-drive safari. This camping equipped double cab pickup can seat up to 5 adult passengers. Its perfect for exploring the ‘world in one country’ that is South Africa.

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luxury 4x4 safari camper

Ford Ranger D/Cab 4×4 Bushcamper

Superbly compact 4×4 camper suitable for up to 4 adults. Fully equipped with camping equipment. This is the vehicle you want on your African 4×4 adventure.

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South Africa Travel Advice


South Africa could very well be one of the best countries in Africa for first class road travel. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a world of off road adventuring to do as South Africa still have many rural and nature/wildlife areas which are heavily geared around the iconic and rugged dirt road.

South Africa Official Languages

South Africa has 11 official languages but English is the primary langauge of the country (urban areas, government and the media). The most spoken first languages are Zulu (23%), Xhosa (16%) and Afrikaans (14%).

South African Currency

The currency used in South Africa is the South Africa Rand (ZAR).

Best time to visit South Africa for an off-road safari

The best time to go on a rental 4×4 safari in South Africa is in the dry winter months when the vegetation is at its lowest and the wildlife is easiest to spot. Because of the lack of rainfall, dirt roads are also easier to navigate and you have less chance of getting stuck in muddy conditions. Also if one wants to traverse these areas with a rented 4×4 in South Africa winter is also considered to be a better time as there will be more roads to choose as many roads can become unmanageable during the heavy rains.

Where To Stay South Africa

4x4 self drive safari in durban


The province of KwaZulu-Natal is well known for its untouched beauty and abundance of nature and 4×4 trails within close proximity to urban areas. Some of the 4×4 trails in the province include Ithala Game Reserve 4×4 Trails, 4×4 track at Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Stoney Ridge and Killarney 4×4 Trails.

self drive safari in Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town proximity to the mountains makes 4x4ing a very real reality; some of these include Atlantis Dunes, Biedouw Valley, Bushman’s Cave and Gecko Rock.

self drive safari joburg


Although Johannesburg is South Africa’s biggest urban area there is a world of 4×4 trails within close proximity to the centre of the city. Some of these areas include Sandwani Game Lodge, Protea 4×4 Adventures, Bass Lake Adventures 4×4 Trails, Hennops hiking and off road trails and Kungwini 4×4 trail. Some of these areas also have accommodation facilities.

Around South Africa

South Africa is blessed with a world of nature within close proximity to urban areas. This makes going on a 4×4 adventure easy. Many of the urban areas have man made 4×4 trails. So adventure and freedom are literally minutes away if that is what your heart desires. South Africa has national parks and untouched nature in abundance where there are options to ride rugged naturally made 4×4 trails or cultivated ones.

Getting Around

Many of the areas you wish to explore will not have roads that can’t be driven on with normal 2 wheel cars. Also if you plan on seeing South Africa in the rainy seasons and still want to go on safari, hiring a 4×4 in South Africa might be your only way of achieving this successfully.

Length of Stay

There are so many amazing places to see and experience in South Africa that anything less than a month you’ll feel as if you’ve missed out, from the spellbinding Drakensberg Mountains, to the untouched sophistication of the winelands to rural adventures on unexplored dirt roads. Southern Africa really has a world of mystique and wonder waiting for you around every corner. If you only have 2 weeks, break it up by spending a week with a normal 2 wheel car and then explore the wilderness for a week with your 4×4 hire South Africa.

What to Pack

This is a hard question to answer as South Africa has many climates within different areas, however if you’re planning a 4×4 hire South Africa adventure where camping could be a possibility, it’s best to pack for every eventuality.  Some lifesaving items that could come in handy in the wild include a torch, mosquito repellent, clothes for the heat and clothes for the cold and a first aid kit.

4×4 Hire in South Africa

Hiring a 4×4 in South Africa is a great way to get out there beyond the confines of the city whilst returning to the roots of nature. In turn exploring all the beautiful scenery Southern Africa has to offer. Call a Drive South Africa consultant today to get the best deal possible to make your ultimate camping or outdoor 4×4 experience a reality.