Luxury Car Hire at Cape Town International Airport

Flying to Cape Town? Drive South Africa lets you easily compare vehicles and get the lowest prices on your luxury car hire at Cape Town International Airport. Whether you’re looking for an executive sedan, plush SUV, or high-performance convertible, we have a wide range of luxury cars available for hire in Cape Town.

Known as the Mother City, Cape Town is arguably South Africa’s premier travel destination. Visitors flock from all over the globe to enjoy its pristine beaches, world-class wine farms, and Table Mountain National Park. Its high-end hotels and thriving food scene make it the perfect summer getaway. Drive South Africa is on hand to provide luxury car hire at Cape Town International Airport as soon as you land.

A view of Lions Head from a luxury car hired at Cape Town airport.

Driving towards Lions Head in Cape Town

Cape Town International Airport

Since undergoing a major upgrade ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Cape Town International Airport services both local and international travellers. Major local airlines include South African Airways, FlySafair, and Airlink, while international carriers like Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, and Delta Air Lines operate several direct routes abroad.

While Cape Town has one of South Africa’s better public transport systems, we highly recommend luxury car hire in Cape Town to help you make the most of your time in the Mother City. Whether you’re planning to cruise along the coast with the top down or head out into the countryside, Drive South Africa has what you’re looking for.

When’s The Best Time to Visit Cape Town?

Cape Town is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, meaning hot, dry summers and wet, cold winters. It’s no surprise that huge numbers of international travellers choose Cape Town as the ideal escape from the Northern Hemisphere’s colder months.

Summer brings late sunsets and perfect beach days and is the best time to hire a luxury car in Cape Town. Nothing beats cruising around the city in a luxury convertible. Winter has its own appeal, but you’ll be better off hiring a luxury SUV to keep cosy through the wind and rain.

Spring is also especially beautiful in the Western Cape. In September, you can head up the West Coast and witness the annual wildflower blossoms.

Why Hire a Luxury Car at Cape Town International Airport?

With so much to do in Cape Town, every second counts. Why spend your time waiting for public transport or e-hailing services when you can simply hire a luxury car?

At Drive South Africa, we have a wide range of luxury cars to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a luxury SUV or a sporty hot hatch, you can take your pick and secure your own wheels for your next Mother City adventure.

Some of our most popular models include the Land Rover Defender, MINI Cooper Convertible, and Mercedes-Benz V-Class. For our full range of luxury car rentals in Cape Town, simply use our convenient search tool!

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