Start your Johannesburg Self Drive 4x4 Holiday

South Africa’s biggest city is a concrete jungle, but it’s also reasonably close to nature, wildlife areas, and rugged 4x4 trails. If you’re planning on a self-drive safari holiday, a 4x4 rental would be an excellent choice to explore everything that the Gauteng province has to offer.

self drive safari in South Africa

Our Recommended Vehicles for Johannesburg

hire a toyota hilux camper

Toyota Hilux 2.4TD 4x4 Camp

A reliable and capable 4x4 vehicle that offers excellent fuel consumption and good off road performance. Good ride height ideal for game viewing. Equiiped with a roof top tent.

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4x4 hire namibia

Toyota Landcruiser 79 S/W 4x4 Camp

The Toyota Landcruiser is a very robust, reliable and exceptionally capable 4WD vehicle. A highly respected safari vehicle in Africa, with no electronics and ideal for remote area travel.

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Nissan Double Cab 4x4 MDE

This is one of Africas most reliable pickup trucks, with the ruggedness to take on any terrain.

Perfect for a self-drive safari. This camping equipped double cab pickup can seat up to 5 adult passengers. Its perfect for exploring the ‘world in one country’ that is South Africa.

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luxury 4x4 safari camper

Ford Ranger D/Cab 4x4 Bushcamper

Superbly compact 4x4 camper suitable for up to 4 adults. Fully equipped with camping equipment. This is the vehicle you want on your African 4x4 adventure.

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Johannesburg Travel Advice


Johannesburg, ‘the city of gold’ is South Africas economic hub yet it also provides you the opportunity to be one with nature. The city is in close proximity to nature, wildlife and 4x4 trails, making it the perfect balance of a concrete jungle and biodiversity.

There really is a world of natural splendor in the Gauteng province so get out there are explore this magical country. The best way to traverse all the different types of terrain is by 4x4 especially if you are planning a self-drive safari holiday.

Hiring a 4x4 in Johannesburg with Drive South Africa is simple – make a call, send an email or book online with our seamless online booking service. You can compare different options easily and you’re guaranteed the lowest rates on your 4x4 hire.

Johannesburg South Africa Safety


Hire a 4x4 in Johannesburg with Drive South Africa. You will receive industry leading service and we will get you out there enjoying these amazing places in no time.

Where to Stay Johannesburg

self drive safari joburgSouth Africa really does have options for all budgets however if you are going to be tackling grueling 4x4 trails it’s likely that you will be camping or staying in bush lodges.

There will be options for day trips if you are mixing business with pleasure after all Johannesburg is the financial hub of the country.

Around Johannesburg

Anyone knows that city life can become taxing, yet in Johannesburg that never really needs to be an issue with so much hiking and 4x4 locations nearby or even within the city itself.

Some of the areas within close proximity include private game lodges, the Magaliesburg Mountains which have a variety of lodges, hiking trails and 4x4 routes. There are also areas literally in the city which proudly boast a diverse range of fauna and flora. Notable areas for 4x4 driving include Klipriviersberg another great place within close proximity to the city is Hennops 4x4 and hiking trails.

Getting Around Johannesburg

You want a real African adventure right? So to achieve this the only real way would be with 4x4 hire as it really does open up your trip to a world of opportunities and exploration.

4x4 hire gives one the option of travelling far and wide. South Africa is an African country blessed with world-class facilities and cities with first-class amenities and first-class roads.

However many of the amazing sights and scenery of South Africa is located in rural areas where roads can become inundated with potholes and dirt roads which seem like they could go on for days. A 2 wheel drive won’t suffice, so to really see what the country has on offer hiring a 4x4 really is the only option.

When you are taking your trip to Johannesburg and do not need to rent a 4x4 but you would need to hire a car in Johannesburg, Drive South Africa still has you back.

Length of Stay

This really will depend on your budget on how much time you have to spend in the country. Two weeks would have to be the absolute minimum if you want to get a nibble of everything on offer in the Southern tip of Africa.

However a month or more would really be a way more sufficient time spent in the country to really get a real understanding of the dynamics and landscapes on offer. Check the visa requirements for your country of origin before planning on how long you would like to be in the country.

When ever you would like to stay, be in mind that you can pick up your 4x4 at the airport or if you would like to hire a car at the OT International Airport in Johannesburg

What To Pack For Your Trip

South Africa geographically and in terms of weather patterns is as diverse as it comes, so pack for all conditions. If you decide to travel up and down the country all at least get out of Johannesburg and explore the Gauteng Province this really does ring true. You could be in for hot, humid Durban the one day or in the colder mountain regions within a few hours of beach weather conditions. We have car rentals and 4x4’s for most spots in South Africa, if you hire a car in South Africa.

FAQs for 4x4 Hire in Johannesburg

Bushlore South Africa, Avis Safari Rental South Africa, Britz 4x4 Johannesburg, Britz SUV South Africa JNB CPT DUR offer 4x4 hire in Johannesburg that adhere to strict COVID-19 health, cleaning and safety standards.

You can hire a 4x4 in Johannesburg from ZAR 840 per day for a Hyundai Creta 4x2 SUV from Britz SUV South Africa.

The cheapest 4x4 to hire in Johannesburg is the Hyundai Creta 4x2 SUV from Britz SUV South Africa. You can rent the Hyundai Creta 4x2 SUV from ZAR 840 per day.

The cheapest 4x4 hire agency in Johannesburg right now is Britz SUV South Africa. Book directly with them via Drive South Africa.

Search Drive South Africa's website to find 4x4 hire near you in Johannesburg

You can hire a 4x4 at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport from Bushlore Africa, Avis Safari Rental, Britz 4x4, Britz SUV South Africa

With Camping Equipment 4x4 hire in Johannesburg costs anything from ZAR 1010 per day to ZAR 2260 per day.

Without Camping Equipment 4x4 hire in Johannesburg costs anything from ZAR 1040 per day to ZAR 1895 per day.

Camper 4x4 hire in Johannesburg costs anything from ZAR 1555 per day to ZAR 1745 per day.

SUV / 4x4s 4x4 hire in Johannesburg costs anything from ZAR 1080 per day to ZAR 1080 per day.

It costs ZAR 5880 to hire a 4x4 for a week in Johannesburg. The cheapest weekly 4x4 rental rate is for the Hyundai Creta 4x2 SUV by Britz SUV South Africa.

It costs ZAR 25200 per month to hire a 4x4 long term in Johannesburg. The cheapest monthly 4x4 rental rate is for the Hyundai Creta 4x2 SUV by Britz SUV South Africa. You can pay up to ZAR 25200 per month to hire a Hyundai Creta 4x2 SUV long term in Johannesburg.

Petrol costs from ZAR 22.81 per litre up to ZAR 23.46 per liter in Johannesburg. Diesel costs from ZAR 23.26 per litre up to ZAR 24.22 per liter in Johannesburg. Last updated at 2022-12-14 11:33:31