Luxury Car Hire in South Africa

South Africa is one of Africa’s leading travel destinations, home to big game safaris, sprawling coastal areas, majestic mountains and a host of interesting, friendly and diverse people. Hiring a luxury car in South Africa is one of the best ways to experience the Rainbow Nation’s beauty.



Luxuary Car hire


With Drive South Africa’s extensive range of luxury vehicle rentals, you’ll be on the road in style in no time. Luxury car hire South Africa really is a breeze with Drive South Africa.


Hiring a luxury car in South Africa, will not only create a statement but it will also make your stay in South Africa, a whole lot better. Having the freedom to hire a luxury vehicle in South Africa will make everything far more luxurious.

Best time to visit

Choosing the best time to visit South Africa should be based on the activities and attractions that you’d like to experience. If you’d like to explore South Africa’s sun-kissed beaches, five-star restaurants, world-class Winelands and it’s diverse cultures, then it’s best to travel during the summer months of November to March.

If wildlife is at the top of your list, then a visit to the game-rich Kruger National Park during the dry winter months from May to September. 

Treehouse Romantic Getaway

Treehouse Romantic Getaway


Around the area

All South African towns are blessed with a lot to do; from glorious nature within urban environments to, amazing architecture, incredible mountains and wonderful beaches there really is a world of magic and curiosity waiting around every corner.

Luxury car hire South Africa ensures that you see all there is to see in style.

Having a well good luxury vehicle to get around will be far more comfortable, and some say when hiring a luxury car you will get better parking in Cape Town.

Getting around

South Africa has so many roads to explore which are world class so if you’re visiting the country for the first time you’re going to want to experience this in style.

Hiring a luxury car in South Africa is optimal because the more comfort you have the better the experience and the more places you’ll be able to see. Get in touch today to ensure your self-drive experience in South Africa is the best one possible. Luxury car hire South Africa with Drive South Africa really is very simple and easy.

Length of stay

We recommend a two week stay when planning a South African holiday, giving the best chance of experiencing the best of South Africa’s beaches and wilderness areas.

What to pack

South Africa’s is blessed with a moderate climate in comparison to Europe or North America. In summer most would be perfectly comfortable in shorts, sandals and general summer attire with one or two warm items if you get cold.


Packing Right with Drive South Africa

Packing Right with Drive South Africa


If you are coming during the winter months be prepared for cold mornings and nights so pack accordingly. If you are going to be travelling to malaria zones make all the necessary precautions of medication, mosquito nets and repellent.

Where to stay

Cape Town and the Western Cape

Cape Town which is arguably South Africa’s tourist hub is packed to the brim with amazing accommodation facilities which include boutique hotels, five-star hotels and resorts and quaint homely lodges and guest houses. The Western Cape has a world of great places to stay also check out both the Garden Route and West Coast as an example.


When in you can use Cape Town hire a luxury car.


If you find yourself having to fly into Cape Town you can always hire a car in Cape Town International Airport.


The Mother City


Johannesburg and Gauteng

This is the financial hub of the country, but is also an immensely green city, with a lot of world-class parks to visit within urban environments. Johannesburg also has a world of great accommodation facilities waiting around every corner, from sky rise five-star hotels and resorts, to nearby bush camps and quaint guest houses there really is a world of class and sophistication waiting in the Johannesburg and Gauteng area.

When hiring a car in Johannesburg make sure to use Drive South Africa.

If you are flying into Johannesburg you can always Hire a car at Johannesburg International Airport.

Why hire a luxury car in South Africa with Drive South Africa

With such a wonderful country to experience and explore, hiring a luxury car in South Africa is one of the best ways to experience the wealth of attractions on offer.  Pick up the phone, send an email or just fill out the easy step by step, booking form and get out there and explore all that this magical country has in store.


Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa


Drive South Africa’s extensive team of sales and travel experts are here to make your every wish come true in picking your ideal luxury rental car. Luxury car hire in South Africa will make your trip that much more enjoyable, get out there and cruise through this great land.

When you hire a luxury car with Drive South Africa it will put you into a position of power by having a more comfortable ride.

Luxury Car Hire FAQ’s

How old should you be to hire a luxury car in South Africa?

Most suppliers require you to be 21 as an international driver and 23 for South African drivers, you are also required to have held a valid license for at least 2 years before renting a car.

There are various options depending on the supplier so please contact us if you are below this age and need to rent a vehicle when hiring a car in South Africa.

How does my luxury car rental deposit work?

If you want an excess package when renting a car in South Africa, you must have the entire excess amount available on your credit card as a deposit. This amount will be refunded to you if you return the vehicle without causing any harm. You will be charged the correct amount if repairs or parts are necessary, and any remaining funds will be refunded.

No matter what package you have chosen you will be required to pay a rental deposit. This varies from R1000 to R2000 depending on which supplier is used. This deposit will be refunded if the vehicle is returned on or before the agreed date and time with a full fuel tank. If the vehicle requires re-fuelling then you will be charged for this and the remaining funds will be refunded. If you return your vehicle late without contacting Drive South Africa then you will be charged for the additional days at the supplier’s extension rates.

What will I need to hire a luxury car in South Africa?

When you’re hiring a luxury car in South Africa, you just need a debit or credit card.

At the rental counter, you’ll need:

  • Your passport
  • Your voucher
  • Each driver’s driving license
  • The main driver’s credit card (some rental companies also accept debit cards, but most don’t).

Important: Please make sure you check the car’s rental terms as well, as each rental company has its own rules. For example? They might need to see some extra ID. They might not accept certain types of credit cards. Or they might not rent to any driver who hasn’t held their driving license for 36 months or more.

How are the roads in South Africa?

Are the roads good for luxury vehicles in South Africa?

The roads in South Africa are fair, However, there are some parts of South Africa where renting a bigger car such as an SUV will be to your benefit. If you want a more comfortable drive a 4×4 would also be a good option when renting a car in South Africa.

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