Exploring the Wild Coast





The Wild Coast is the 250-kilometre stretch from East London to just south of the KwaZulu Natal border and is locally known as the Transkei. 


The coastline is rugged and unspoilt with open beaches and rolling hills in the background. 





4x4 Rental at the Wild Coast

4×4 Rental at the Wild Coast





Travel Along the Wild Coast



The main route going through the Wild Coast is the N2 highway.  However, getting to the heart of the Wild Coast, you will have to wander off on the side roads, which will lead you to the beach.


The most dependable way to explore the Wild Coast is to hire a car in South Africa and explore at your own speed.  It is suggested that you plan a little extra time for exploring. 







The Wild Coast provides such a relaxing environment; you would not want to make a quick trip of it.  Include a few days just to relax with no driving and just sit back and enjoy the beach. 



Attractions of the Wild Coast


Travelling to the Wild Coast there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from.


One of the more popular hikes would be from the Coffee Shack along the coastline to the famous landmark of the Wild Coast, Hole in the Wall –  a striking natural feature of a detached cliff that has a carved hole in the middle of where the waves have been pounding for millions of years.




Hole in the wall feature, Wild Coast

Hole in the wall feature, Wild Coast



Spend the afternoon canoeing down the Umngazana River or search for birdlife in the Dwesa & Cwebe Nature Reserve.


Other attractions include shipwrecks and numerous lighthouses spread along the coast.  The four most famous lighthouses include Cape Morgan, Mbhashe Point, South Sand Bluff and Cape Hermes


The towns throughout the Wild Coast are generally smaller, more traditional towns.  Xhosa is the primary culture of the region, and on your travels of the Wild Coast, you will be able to enjoy the Xhosa culture and good food. 




The Wild coast

The Wild coast




Where to stay


As travelling along the Wild Coast is generally more relaxed, there are plenty of hostels and campsites available during your trips.  Whether you prefer the beach or nature, you will not be disappointed. 


For the not so adventurous, there are also guesthouses and hotels to choose from. 


The more popular stop would include the Wild Coast Sun, which is a family-friendly resort offering accommodation, restaurants and entertainment for the whole family. 




Wild Coast Beach

Wild Coast Beach





Looking at planning a more relaxing vacation for your next visit to South Africa, the Wild Coast should be top of your list.  Visiting small towns and unspoilt beaches adds charm to any trip.

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